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Private coaching

As a level 4, coach I am able to offer you effective coaching in all areas of track and field athletics.


This means I am equally at home coaching jumps, throws, sprints, hurdles, middle distance, long distance, cross country, steeple chase and multi event athletes.


I coach a wide range of athletes from the first time athletes to those seeking high performance, event specific, coaching. 


Training sessions are designed to multi-laterally develop Athletes, both physically and mentally.  Coaching is conducted at the QE2 Stadium in a group environment.


I am most interested in coaching those athletes 11 years or older who have chosen Track and Field as their passion and wish to train full time.   If your have any questions in regards to coaching please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.


Training times are listed to the left and my squad policies regarding the group can also be found linked on the left.   All squad coaching is conducted at QEII Stadium please click on the link to take you to a location map.


Specialist coaching


I offer coaching in other areas including:


Speed & endurance, speed & agility and strength and conditioning training for team athletes;


Individual coaching;


School or college coaching during GPS/QGSSSA season;


Other coaching by arrangement.


For information in regards to all aspects of this type of coaching please go to the Specialist Coaching web page for more information.



For more information on other coaching services please visit the Specialist Coaching webpage on this site for more information or contact me for more information!



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