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No matter how well an athlete trials and how fast or far they are jumping you will often find they succumb to nerves on the big day and unfortunately do not reach their potential achieving a less than expected result. Naturally this affects their confidence and self esteem and in some cases leads athletes to quit the sport

From experience I have found the best way to overcome nerves is to attend lotUQ Athletics Centres of meets so that the athletes become familiar with the routines and practices of competitions.  In these less critical meets the coach can help athletes to learn how to master pre competition nerves, disappointments and how to conduct themselves when the win or have to give media interviews or meet with senior Athletic Officials or supply samples to the officers conducing random drug sampling..

In Brisbane the University of Queensland Athletics Centre conducts a number of meets designed for this very purpose.  They are called the 'All Comer' meets and as the name suggests any athlete or trailing athlete can attend these meets to compete against others of a similar mind.

These meets are perfect in that they are informal but provide an opportunity for athletes to find a class or group that suits their level of performance and expectation.  If the athlete is ready for the next level of competition then they simply enter into the category that will best meet their needs.


The UQ Athletics Centre is situated in the University of Queensland and is situated at the intersection of Sir Fred Schonell Drive and Sir William Macgregor Drive St Lucia. On the UQ maps you will find the centre marked as Field 5. There is ample parking and detailed directions including bus, ferry timetables can be found from the UQ website at http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/directions.html?menu=1

A detailed map of the university and track can be downloaded from the following link http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/pdf/StLuciaMap.pdf


On arrival athletes should pay their competition fee and nominate for the events they wish to compete in at the 'Meeting Room' (male athletes complete blue cards, female athletes complete pink cards)

Nominations for each event close thirty minutes (30) before the start of that particular event. Start lists will be generated from the event nominations. In laned track events late entries will be allocated lanes where available. For field events, officials will decide how many trials to allow based on the number of competitors and time programmed for the event.



The coach is not able to attend all of these meets however all athletes should allow at least 30 minutes warm up prior to any event. To avoid unexpected problems with transport (delays due road works, accidents, break downs) athletes should plan to arrive 1 hour before the event to allow a leisurely nomination and warm up. If it is a state or national meet then allow 2 hours. The coach will nominate where he will meet you to assist in warm up etc.



For all competition colanders, programs or results  please visit the Queensland Athletics website http://www.qldathletics.org.au/ and look up the ' Calendar page' r

Or  otherwise visit the UQ website at http://www.uqsport.com.au/index.html?page=106354



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