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NTID Throws 

National Talent Identification and Development

Athletes  is not currently a participant in the National Talent Identification and Development program run by the Australian Sports Commission.

Basically this program seeks to place athletes, who have for one reason or another have chosen to leave their original sport, into another sport that compliments their abilities.  A classic examples is where gymnasts have become great winter sport aerial skiers.

So what's this got to do with athletics you ask?

If you are a great  volley ball player, basketball player or rower then you  most likely will be a great Discus or Javelin Thrower.  The same combination of long reach and inherent strength give you a head start in the world of throws.

Now there are thousand of athletes trying out for Volley ball, Basketball and Rowing and there is such fierce competition for places.  These sports tend to attract the bulk of participation because athletes see those sports as being team sports. However athletics is both an individual and a team sport, as an individual you will compete in some of the greatest team events the world has ever seen.

The Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships are some of the biggest team events you will ever hope to be part of. Can you see yourself in the green and gold competing for your right on the world stage?

So if you have had enough of Volley ball, Basket ball or Rowing and think you fit the bill then give me a call!

Sure, it will take some time to convert you over to the new sport but in the world of throws athletes do not hit their peak until late twenties and early thirties so you will have plenty of time to learn the skills necessary.



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