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Coaching school and college teams is a very rewarding environment in which to coach.


Not only are the young athletes committed to achieving their best for themselves, there is the added excitement that comes from competing for your college.


You really have not heard noise until you have attended an inter school competition. The sheer volume of noise made in a stadium filled with several thousand very excited young people each trying to out do the other in their school war cries and cheers of support for their teams and athletes makes for one incredible spectacle that should not be missed!


Over the last several years I have had some quite good successes with the various individuals and teams I have coached and especially in regards to team development.  It has provided me with the opportunity to build up a significant level of knowledge and expertise on how to coach and manage teams.


Unlike individual coaching, team coaching provides a number of unique challenges, where a balance must be found between developing and respecting the needs of individuals athletes with the  necessity to put together competitive teams who will perform across individual age groups and levels. As you can imagine this can be very challenging to achieve but at the same time rewarding when it all comes together.


If you are a school sports coordinator and believe that I can assist you in your program then please contact me to discuss the matter.

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BGGS - Tack & Field - 2015 Long and Triple

Since 2008 it has been my privilege to work with an extraordinary team at Brisbane Girls Grammar Schools lead by Mrs Alice Dabelstein  whose sheer passion and love for Track and Field is an inspiration for any one involved in the sport.


2015 is a change of pace with the horizontal jumpers


BGGS - Tack & Field - Discus 2011/2012/2013

2011 was a brilliant year for the Discus Team.  At QGSSSA the team took 70% of all possible points and took the clean sweep in the U16 A & B division. Congratulations to all of the girls who are on track to better their individual performances in 2012.


St Johns -  Forest Lake College -Tack & Field - Throws 2011

2011 was a brilliant year for the Team.  At TAS the team increased the percentage of possible points and there was some great personal bests from the athletes. Congratulations to all of the girls who are on track to better their individual performances in 2012.


BGGS - Tack & Field - Discus 2010


2010 turned out to be a watershed year with BGGS winning QGSSSA for the first time in many years.


The discus team kept up their end of the bargain by figuring strongly in the results,  taking more points than the other throws disciplines at BGGS and winning most of the points on offer for the discipline at QGSSSA. A credit to commitment (and the fun along the way) of every one of the athletes involved.


BGGS -Tack & Field - Discus/Shot/Jav 2009

2009 was a good year for the throws team.  Domination in all disciplines by the U14 and some significant individual efforts in the other age groups saw the points contribution by the throwers swell the overall school score. The team scored 75% of all possible points available to them which is remarkable achievement.


I look forward to 2010 when we will see if the other age groups can replicate the efforts of the U14 squad.  A third place from one of the girls who had never competed in the throws is a good sign and I feel that 2010 may well be the year 'Old Blue' comes back into domination at QGSSSA.


LORETO (Cross Country 2009)

This was a very exciting year.  I was asked by Qld Athletics to fill a coaching vacancy at this College some 5 Loreto Cross Country Team 2009 at Limestone Park Ipswichweeks into the cross country season. The girls had to work incredibly hard to make up for so much lost time and to their credit they did.  In the 16 years age group the girls took the title and in the other age groups the girls made up so much ground that on 30 May 2009 the college went from 6th place in 2008 to 4th in the Byrne cup (Catholic Secondary Girl's Schools Sports Association - CSGSSA).


To say I was pleased with the result is an understatement.  To achieve so much on such a short training base is a testament to commitment of the girls. The girls are a real pleasure to work with, they are enthusiastic, happy and like coming to training (a coaches dream team). 


BGGS ( Tack & Field - Hurdles 2008)

In 2008 I was asked to take on the hurdles coaching role within the school. Hurdles require an extraordinary mix of speed coordination and above all courage. All credit to Alan2008 QGSsSA A Capell BGGS Cameron for his preparation of the girls in the past and those girls he had prepared were able to continue their progress in the sport by achieving top 5 placing's in their respective age groups. 


What was especially pleasing was the enthusiasm of the grade eight girls who attended training in significant numbers. Some of the other age groups welcomed first time hurdlers and all performed extraordinarily well for such raw first timers.  2009 will be a great opportunity to consolidate skills learnt in previous years.


SPLC ( Track & field - 2006)

An interesting year where Track and Field did not seem to be very well supported by the school and students generally.  However the small dedicated bunch of Track and Field athletes obtained the rewards they deserved with much improved personal bests and excellent competition performances. A number of school and carnival records followed and some great individual performances in QA/AA championships.


U16 Qld Relay Champions


SPLC ( Track & field - 2005)

Late in the  2005 season I was asked to assist in preparing a number of the long/triple/high Jumpers for both the QGSSSA and the TAS competitions. The performances of the individual athletes is to be commended. A number of school and carnival records followed and some great individual performances in QA/AA championships.


2006 SPLC XC Team members

Somerville House (2002-2004)


Junior School

I commenced coaching with Somerville house Junior school athletics team in the 'Andrews Cup' competition in  2002.  Andrews cup caters for girls up to Grade 7 and caters to the major private girls schools. I have been privileged to coach all disciplines with the girls and they have achieved outstanding  and ever increasing success over the years including:



 3rd placing in 2002;


 2nd in 2003; and


 2nd in 2004.


Considering the size of the Junior school and the calibre of the schools competed against, e.g. Moreton Bay College, these results have been nothing short of incredible.


The results are a credit to the individual commitment, enthusiasm and athletic ability of the girls coupled with the outstanding support offered by the Junior PE coordinator Mrs R Storrs.


2004 Somerville Athletics Team


Cross Country

In 2004 I was asked to assist Mr. Phil Holding in coaching the senior cross country team. Early mornings, cold, rain and attacks by suicidal magpies were all part of the fun.  In 2004 we achieved a sixth place at the QGSSSA.


In 2005 saw a passing of the guard with many of the established runners moving on to other sports and schools. This was a watershed year with which year saw some fantastic individual performances by the girls with 11 qualifying for Nationals.  This equated to 1 in 10 of the team qualifying for and competing at the Australian National Championships.


The QGSSSA proved a great challenge where despite outstanding individual performances with age group first and second places the depth in runners was not enough to bring up aggregate score across the five placing required in the various age groups.


A 10th place for 2005 was our lot however, the outstanding performances of many individuals will create a solid core for rebuilding the future. I wish each and every Cross Country Runner all the best for the years to come.


2005 Somerville XC Team


Senior School I was invited to coach the Senior School Sprints team in 2003 and again in 2004.


In the two years I was with them there have been many ups and downs with illness and glandular fever taking its toll on some fine athletes.


The positives have been just a dramatic with a number of girls smashing their PB's week after week and one girl running an Australian 'B' qualifying time in 2003.


We were privileged to have the services of Ms Karo Hunt a prominent NZ sprinter in 2003 and she made a very significant contribution to the successes of the girls. I wish the girls all success in the coming years.




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