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Training Times   

Depending on their training age and level of competition athletes may train anywhere from two sessions a week to two sessions a day. However I understand that athletes and their parents are busy and it is difficult to travel to QEII Stadium (click on the link for a location map) day in and day out. 


As a result I have adopted a flexible learning style that delivers a more personalised and adaptable program for athletes. Fundamental to the program is two mandatory contact sessions with all athletes to ensure correct technique adaptation . 


Each athlete will be provided with a program that often entails training on other days.  However the program is flexible enough to allow training to be schedule in with an athletes other demands in life. All programs are reviewed with the athlete on a regular basis with testing sessions scheduled to ensure they are in fact meeting the goals for their personal programs.


Core sessions

Monday : 5.00pm to 6.30 pm


Wednesday: 5.00pm to 6.30 pm


Other sessions: As advised


In the lead up to major competitions more core sessions will be scheduled as necessary.


Conditioning sessions

Where appropriate each athlete will be provided with a conditioning program that may include gym sessions, pool running, cycling or core stability programs.


They will be provided with a timetable on when to undertake these exercises. Athletes will be provided with training and guidance however it is expected that they are mature enough to undertake this basic training on their own.  In some cases I will liaise with the gym to ensure that spotters etc are aware of the athletes program. This flexible style of learning ensures that athletes can fit training in with their lifestyles and at locations near to their homes.


Also if an athlete does achieve international selection the coach will not always be able to travel with them or in the case of the Olympics most coaches are specifically excluded from the athletes village.  The athlete therefore needs to be able to manage their own basic conditioning and be independent.


Other coaching services

All other coaching services are by arrangement.  Please contact me to discuss your needs, times and training locations..


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Updated: 15/10/2015