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Specialist Coaching   



Speed & endurance, speed & agility and strength and conditioning training for team athletes;


Individual coaching;


School or college coaching during GPS/QGSSSA season;


Other coaching by arrangement.


Speed/Endurance/Agility/Strength & Conditioning

Over a number of years I have found myself being approached more and more by athletes from other sports whose games is compromised due to lack of speed, strength, reaction speed etc etc.  A typical scenario is where soccer coaches tell their players "If you don't get faster, you're off the team!" Basketball players also find themselves in the same predicament.


One of the common issues that I see is that team coaches create good teams however the individual athlete often presents with poor underlying bio mechanical issues and chronic injury problems.  Track and field is all about obtaining the best from individuals and this starts with fixing underlying bio mechanical faults  and rehabilitating existing injuries and introducing strategies that will prevent injury  in the future.  Some of the common problems include:



poor core stability;


overtraining of some muscles and complete neglect of supporting structures;


underlying biomechanical problems including podiatry issues;


weak ankles;


poor flexibility; and


poor multilateral conditioning.


I have been able to develop a number of programs that address these issues successfully.   This has led to be becoming involved with providing assessment and then creation of conditioning programs for representative level basketball teams.


I note that there are now a number of organisations who offer this type of service.  They provide good results at a very high cost and ultimately use programs that are based on the disciplines found in track and field. So instead of paying for a commercial imitator come and try a true individualised track program and watch the amazing difference it will make and best of all you won't have to mortgage your house to pay for it.


Individual coaching (Contact coach for details!)

To keep costs down and to provide a supportive training environment amongst your peers I train in a squad environment.   Some people find this does not fit in with their life styles.


I can provide you with a tailored program that will include a holistic assessment of your training age and I will develop and personally supervise a program that will meet your specific needs, however it will be at a slightly higher rate.  Please contact me for details if this style of program better suits you.


Schools coaching (Contact coach for details!)

Coaching school and college teams is a very rewarding environment in which to coach. Not only are the young athletes committed to achieving their best for themselves, there is the added excitement that comes from competing for your college. Some for the schools I have coached at can be found on the Schools Coaching link.


If you are a school sports coordinator and you require a coach for your school please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Other coaching (Contact coach for details!)

If you have any other coaching proposal please feel free to contact me to discuss you coaching needs.





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